Our Mission

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We are committed to the teachings of the scriptures and dedicated to the service of our Lord and Savior. Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Daniel L. Brown, lives are being changed by his preachment and individuals are submitting their will to an all loving, and all powerful God. The Church has a number of Ministries for individuals to select from, whereby one can dedicate themselves to serve in a ministry according to the Ministry Gifts that God has given. We focus on spiritual growth, and have established teaching and training to include every area of spiritual growth. God requires each of us to grow, and First Agape takes this responsibility very seriously. The Church has a motto that says: "As I become better, We all become greater! The pastor teaches that "God gives His best and, therefore deserves our very best." First Agape Baptist Community of Faith is guided by the teachings of a commitment to "Prayer Life, Faith, and Godly Love." We believe that prayer changes things. We follow the teachings of scripture that says, "he that asks shall receive; he that seeks shall find, and he that knocks, it shall be opened."